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Visitors who wish to import firearms for hunting or target shooting are advised to apply for a Temporary Import Permit before traveling to Argentina.

There are two ways to obtain this permit: A) in person at the Consulate or B) At distance. See the requirements below for each case.


Applicants must request an appointment via email to (subject: “firearms”) indicating their name, address, telephone contact and tentative flight date. The application is personal.


1. Complete the hunting permit form, provided by this Consulate.

2. Current valid passport.

3. Provide original proof of gun ownership through either:

- Gun registration or invoice through which gun was purchased (with serial numbers and buyer´s name)

- Customs Form 4457 "Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad" duly filled out.

4. Valid hunting license ID card or hunting association membership card (original) issued by the authorities in the State of your residence.

5. Airplane ticket with arrival and departure dates.

6. Reservation issued by the entity in which hunting or sport shooting activities will take place. The location must be authorized by RENAR (Disp. RENAR 473/12).

7. U$S 80 fee (only money order payable to the “Consulate of Argentina in Miami” is accepted).

Attention: Until further notice the Consulate General will only accept Money Orders issued by United States Postal Services (USPS) as the form of payment for consular services.

For a more detailed explanation of rules regarding traveling to Argentina with firearms, please visit the Registro Nacional de Armas (RENAR) webpage:



1. Hunting permit form provided by this Consulate must be signed by the applicant before a Notary Public from Florida previously registered with our Consulate. Please do not leave any field blank or unanswered. In case you do not have an answer for any of the required fields write “N/A”. The Consulate will not legalize incomplete forms.

Please add passport size photo to this form on the upper right corner (frontal and light background).


2. Send the following documents to 1101 Brickell Ave. Suite 900 North Tower, Miami, Florida, 33131:

- The form completed, notarized by  a Notary Public registered with our Consulate.

- Photocopy of the first page of applicant’s passport.

- U$S 60 fee (only money order or cashier check payable to the “Consulate of Argentina in Miami” is accepted)

AttentionUntil further notice the Consulate General will only accept Money Orders issued by United States Postal Services (USPS) as the form of payment for consular services.

- A prepaid postage envelope to return legalized permit.

IMPORTANT: It is the applicant’s sole and exclusive responsibility to fill out this form accurately and clearly, verifying that its content is true. Forms uncompleted or without the proper notarization will be returned without legalization by this Consulate.

The Notary Public must have his/her signature previously registered in our Book of Signatures. To register his/her signature, a Notary Public must come to this consular office with ID, certificate and seal.

Should you require further explanation please send an email to (subject: “firearms”).

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